about Company
Headquater: Factory: Street No.5, Dong An Industrial Park, Binh Hoa Ward, Thuan An City, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam.
Key export markets: USA, Japan, China, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Taiwan, UK, Netherlands
Key products: Living room furniture, Dining room funiture, Others

ASAHI GROUP was founded in 1966, with the head office located in Toyokawa, Japan. We have started manufacturing Toshiba TV cabinets, Stereo cabinets and furniture, electrical cabinets, and interior products for Toshiba Corporation in the Japanese market. Established in 2005, A&M INDUSTRY VIETNAM CO., LTD. (AIV) is one of the member companies of ASAHI Group in Binh Duong province, Vietnam. We have extensive experience in the field of manufacturing high-end furniture products according to the processes and standards of Japanese. Our kind of Products includes Tailor Sofa, living room and dining room furniture. ASAHI Group aims to create environmentally friendly and safe products for users. Our criteria are always interested in the customer's perception of comfort, relaxation, and absolute customer satisfaction during the process of using our products. Main of our product lines: Bossco, Bridge, Elegance, Limited Dura, Dura, Crossover, etc. And we would like to look for the OEM’s customers worldwide. At present, we also have some OEM’s customers in Japan and Europe. Our main market: Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, China, Europe, USA, UK. Besides, meeting the needs of ordering in the international market, we have currently established the ASAHI Furniture brand in the Vietnamese market with our desire to expand and develop the distribution system for our product lines. Therefore, we are looking for an opportunity to cooperate with High-end furniture retailers in Vietnam. Finally, we could bring the best quality products to Vietnamese consumers.