about Company
Headquater: No.278, Hoa Loi , Ben Cat , Binh Duong Province, Viet Nam
Key export markets: USA, UK, Canada, Australia
Key products: Children & Nursery furniture, Living room furniture, Office furniture, Bedroom furniture, Dining room funiture, Others
Capacity of factory (containers / month): 21 - 50
Production facilities (m2): 10,000
Number of employees: 200

Formally known as Lien Thanh Trading & Manufacturing, Lien Thanh Furniture is a professional manufacturer of primarily home and commercial furniture such as:

Furnishings for the office and classroom
Leisure furnishing for the Bedroom, Living room, Dining room and Kitchen
Lien Thanh proudly presents the integration of design, development, manufacture and installation that is applied in all our products with outcomes of high quality and durability. We utilize American Oaks and New Zealand Pines, with our competitive edge and commitment to fulfill low quantity orders.

Lien Thanh Furniture was established in 2004, covering an area of 11,000 square meters. We have more than 200 employees, consisting of production, design and sales elites.


Lien Thanh Furniture combines skillful labors with our assembly line production to ensure consistent quality, efficient productivity, and procurement chain from 100% legally imported raw material to production. The company adheres strictly to ensure supreme quality and origin transparency of manufactured products. Our annual output capacity is approximately 300 containers. With constant improvements, we have several years of exporting experience to Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the United States to meet the needs of our worldwide customers.

Uniquely, Lien Thanh Furniture has it’s our design with flexibility for customization. The Management’s philosophies are profoundly embedded into product:

Pursue the European style through conventional products on the basis of continuous improvement and innovation to achieve the best rationalization of the product structure.
Become market-oriented andconstantly introduce new products to improve product range.
Satisfying all levels of the market and customers’ demands.