Why Furniture From Vietnam


Vietnam is the world's second largest exporter of timber and wooden products. In 2020, the wooden products export increased by 99.3%.


As No. 1 furniture exporter to the U.S., Vietnamese manufacturers are well-valued and trusted by thousands furnishing importers.


With over 5,600 furniture and handicraft manufacturers, the industry has a large capacity to supply major buyers in volume and offer flexibility to cater to specific client’s needs.


Furniture manufactured in Vietnam is exported to over 140 countries and regions, of which staple export markets are US, EU, Canada, Australia, China, and Japan.


The Vietnam furniture and handicraft industry is globally recognized for its craftmanship and skillful workforce.


Genuine Endorsements

HOPE creates a direct gateway connecting buyers with Vietnam prestige suppliers. All the companies on the platform are accredited by HAWA, this is a major difference between HOPE and other trade platform

Do Thi Thu Huong Commerce Counsellor at Vietnam Embassy in Canada

With the aggressive growth of the company, we are actually looking for the products for children and other furniture categories, and we want to have more business partners here in Vietnam

Luichito Vequilla Durban Merchandising Manager at Williams-Sonoma Vietnam

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