about Company
Headquater: Lot E2, Street 01, Tan Do Industrial Park, Duc Hoa Ha, Duc Hoa, Long An, Vietnam
Key export markets: USA, South Korea, China, Canada
Key products: Upholstery leather, Hospitalities & project furniture, Living room furniture, Bedroom furniture, Dining room funiture
Capacity of factory (containers / month): 5 - 20
Production facilities (m2): 23000
Number of employees: 1000
Certificates: Others

Established in 2007, Root and Branch emerged from the vibrant artisan community of Ho Chi Minh City. We represent a fusion of cultures enriched with sophistication, influenced by British design principles of understated elegance and meticulous craftsmanship.

Our designs, inspired by mid-century charm, tell a story through wood, metal, and fabric, capturing a perfect blend of heritage and innovation.

The philosophy at Root and Branch is simple: furniture should be a conversation with nature. Simple yet elegant. Familiar yet fresh. Every creation is an opportunity to engage with the natural world, respecting its raw beauty and unique forms.