Building a business management system to meet the sustainable purchasing needs of the market

2021 Apr 19th

"BUILDING A BUSINESS MANAGEMENT SYSTEM TO MEET THE SUSTAINABLE PURCHASING NEEDS OF THE MARKET" - A symposium focusing on the building of firm management systems to meet sustainable purchasing demand.

According to Mr. Lam Quang Thanh (UL), independent research from UL shows that companies around the world have realized the pressing reality of tackling global climate problems and increasing environmental pollution.

Sustainability in production is not only the message "Yes, there is more" but it must be considered an important criterion, a competitive advantage in business strategy.

According to Mr. Andy Tran (SDS Vietnam): sustainable production and consumption is an inevitable trend. In Vietnam, companies have changed in production thinking, applying innovative methods, and managing according to green standards.

To balance the profitability and environmental responsibility of the business, sustainable production, and purchasing, according to Mr. Vo Quang Ha (Tavico)