Furncrest looking for Indoor furniture

2021 Apr 20th

Matching ID: ‎01190421

Through the HOPE platform, the Furncrest Sdn Bhd. Company in Malaysia is looking for suppliers of “Living room furniture Dining room furniture Bedroom furniture Acacia wood / Acacia wood + metal furniture” with the supply capacity of 40-50 cont/month.

Website: https://furncrest.com/ 

Matching ID: ‎02190421

The PGW Commercial Group in America is looking for suppliers of Outdoor & Garden furniture Home accessories & Handicraft products.



Businesses wanting to participate in business matching, kindly complete the following form: https://b24-ikxruv.bitrix24.site/crm_form18/

Contact person: Ms. Tuyet – hotuyet@hawa.org.vn (Tel: ‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎0989 707 936)